Seven Days to go — work that is!

Moving closer to the inevitable.  Everyone is either envious, jaded or curious about how I arrived at the decision to ride across the US of A.  Would you believe it was a series of events that drove this to fruition.  The death of a friend, a travelogue written by a reporter who turned 50, oh many, many years ago and a need for some adventure.

Tonight I am playing with my I-Phone.  Finally took it out of the box.  Set up the blog and I packed the panniers (saddle bags) with everything I want to take.  It is feeling more real now.

Cherie is finally wondering if she can handle having me home — heck I will be gone for a couple of months (or more) so the issue has been postponed for now.


About tourdetom

I'm retired. Travel a lot.
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6 Responses to Seven Days to go — work that is!

  1. Donna Serres says:

    So happy for you in so many ways :). Safe travels to you my dear friend (and big brother) – see you in Portland!!

    All the best.

  2. Ellen Joseph says: happy you are doing the blog..will be excting to follow your adventures! Thanks for taking me/us along!

  3. Julia says:

    This is very exciting! Thank goodness I happened to be going through my junk email or I would have found your email! What is your non-work email?

  4. We need more updates!!!

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