Walkabout in Havre, MT


Just completed a wine and cheese tasting–4 wines and 5 cheeses.

I have a 6:45 dinner reservation–hmmm–steak or crab cakes. This is the life! Before dinner the train stopped in Havre so we could take a stroll before dinner. You know, to work up an appetite. I am winded by the exercise. Time for nap. Tally Ho!

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I'm retired. Travel a lot.
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3 Responses to Walkabout in Havre, MT

  1. Rebecca Hamblin says:

    Hi Tom- I just read your entries and am greatly enjoying them! I forwarded your blog to Louis. He will not envy you the bike trip, but the train ride…that is another matter! Hope your first day on the bike is off to a fun and safe start! The weather out there looks way better than here. Be cool!

  2. Mark says:

    Go Tom, Go! How was Stage 1? Probably a lot of sorting out, but that is expected. In the spirit of the day, Julie and I threw on a (1) panier and biked out of Hennepin county. To the west, not the east lest you think we are mocking you. Be safe. Looking forward to hearing how it’s going.
    ps. How’d the bike fair on its travel and reassembly. Tell me no worries.

    • tourdetom says:

      I got in 75 miles–much of it uphill. The was the I expected–upper 80’s. The bike worked well. I did not finish until 9 pm. Have some cramping otherwise all is good.

      Thanks for your help on Saturday.


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