Voodoo in Portland


I am nearing the end of my Portland R&R. I spent two nights with my friend “C” and her hubby David–gracious hosts both.

During my time here i have been able to confirm that Portland is a bike haven. It is also a hipster paradise–lots of “counter-culture”. I ate quick breakfast at Voodoo Donuts today–a maple-bacon piece of manna from heaven.

Then I rode to Oregon City to stay with my “sis” Donna. Met her hubby Mike too! Got a tour of the countryside–Mike’s family history is farming.

That reminds me-Portland’s manner for handling owning type issues seems to be benign neglect- being eclectic overshadows everything else. Farms exist within what would consider to be the city limits. Cows,chickens, goats, etc, seem to be everywhere. It really is quite interesting!


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3 Responses to Voodoo in Portland

  1. John O says:


  2. Susan Boecher says:

    Chocolate milk, voodoo donuts, bacon…I am so jealous. Keep it up…more food postings.
    I am loving watching your journey.

  3. david wiese says:

    Tom, my 9 year old son saw a Man v. Food show on I think the Food Network on places to eat in Portland. the host was going to eat some incredible doughnut at Vodoo doughnts. My son now demands that when we go to Portland that we eat at Voodoo doughnuts. is it worth it?
    dave wiese

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