Florence OR


Florence Oregon was all about food for me! As soon as I saw the A&W I had to stop. It was beyond awesome — ok I was starving, but I scarfed it down just the same.

Once satisfied I began my motel dive. After striking out four times due to cost, floor location or a ” inkling” of uncertainty I finally ended up at the newly remodeled West Villa Inn.

As I entered the parking lot a fella was sweeping up dirt into the wind and his face. I made a causal comment regarding his lack of success. He took it as a compliment about his industrial nature. Hmm. I asked about a room and responded “Take you pick!”.

The lady (apparently the handyman’s spouse) was friendly enough. She gave me the AARP discount and handed me a real key. Hmmm.

The room was non-descript. Frig, microwave, 80’s tv and sterile bathroom that had the feel of a butcher shop clean room. After unpacking, I hightailed it to Safeway to grab some snacks– chocolate milk, a sandwich for breakfast the next day, popcorn and assorted fruit.

Once ensconced in my room I munched on popcorn and watched some tv. After a while I showered and pulled back the bed covers only to find some lovely blue printed sheets and pillowcase–felt like I was a grandma’s house.

Trying to sleep was a challenge — turns out motorcyclists like this place. It was like being in the “Wild Ones”! In the morning I went to the frig to grab my sandwich and chocolate milk and it was frozen solid. I looked to see what the temperature setting was and noticed that a pliers was required to make any adjustment. Hmmm.

So I got dressed and wandered to the office taking along my damaged goods. After pushing their yapping little dogs aside the husband snipped “We won’t cover the loss!”. Then his head snapped back as his “better half” shouted out “How much does he want?”. I told him $5. She yelled “Did he try to adjust the temp?. I responded there was nothing available to adjust. The man of the house snorted zed brushed his feet on the floor — I thought was preparing to charge (I was wearing red). Next he took out a key and slowly opened the cash drawer and nonchalantly tossed me a fiver.

I scurried back to my room and hurriedly finished packing. I wanted to avoid any potential change of heart….

Riding out of Florence and Eventually stopped for breakfast where I met Cindi.

To be continue.


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I'm retired. Travel a lot.
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2 Responses to Florence OR

  1. Marcie says:

    This is so funny. Sorry for the loss of your sandwich and Choc Milk.

  2. Karen Peterson says:

    This is a great story, Tom. Having a wonderful sense of humor helps in dealing with situations. Lucky you snagged the fiver!

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