All Alone in a Coos Bay Motel




Before I go to bed I want to perform a memory dump — sounds kinda high-tech does it not?

Before I elaborate on the photos I want to share a few things:

1) I have now passed below numerous power lines and I can dutifully attest that I have the truly adult version of Snap, Crackle and Pop. No wonder folks have protested the installation of more lines. Don’t be surprised if sprout a second nose down the road.

2) Did you know that Wayzata, MN was originally founded by a confused Irishman by the name of Paddy O’Hadtomuch. It seems that Paddy lived on Lake Minnetonka back in 1847. His English was poor so he mixed up Gaelic and English when he invented Wayzata. The sign on the picture is an artifact carried west by Paddy’s betrothed. This spelling is the real McCoy!

3) Obviously, the tech boom has passed some parts of our great country. The telephone booth is functional and still in use. This is movie!

4) The extremely large yellow/red piles are shredded redwood trees. Container ships bound for Japan are filled with this material. That country takes the material and manufactures particle boards. Then Japan ships the finished product back to us. Crazy ain’t it?

5) Motor homes are truly a menace on our roadways. As these beasts pass me the airflow they create is vacuum like — I feel a tremendous whoosh each time one goes bye. I will take a semi over a motor home anytime!

6) Small towns are pretty dead on the coast. They need tourists — where are you? The recession is alive and kickin! So come out and spend some of your moolah here!



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I'm retired. Travel a lot.
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