Final leg to Brookings OR



After lunch I came upon a number of cyclists: a group of five were riding from Seattle to Brookings and was comprised of teachers, while the group was a make shift team who had met at a campground the day before. This tandem was Sean a dentist from CT taking a one month sabbatical and Jeremy is from Washington,DC who recently quit his news reporter job to travel. Sean hopes to get to LA; whereas Jeremy would like to ride home.

The common theme is personal discovery. Interestingly, none of these travelers had prepared for their trips–they just took off! I can only think that I incredibly anal cuz I spent several months prepping for my sojourn.

This stretch of road runs along an area that looks like the set for Planet of the Apes–where is the lantern held by the Statue of Liberty? Giant rocks stock out of the water and the beach. On a way these resemble sentries guarding the shoreline.

Currently I am in a DQ enjoying a malt as I await the arrival of my friend Alfred who is on his way from Medford. I have not seen him for several years–this is one of benefits of this trip–catching up with friends and family.


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I'm retired. Travel a lot.
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3 Responses to Final leg to Brookings OR

  1. Tadd Kelly says:

    Loving your posts Tom and we can tell how much fun you are having. Think of all the people out there you’re about to meet! Very exciting. Keep rolling!

  2. Taralee Muhli says:

    Brookings is beautiful!! One of our favorite parts of the OR coastline. Love the posts! Look forward to reading them everyday.

  3. Marcie says:

    Tom it looks like you have had great weather. Have you had to deal with rain yet?

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