Friends made along the way!



I wanted to make this trip in order to renew old relationships and make new friends as well.

So far I have succeeded with objective #1 and #2 is an ongoing activity. Over the past week I am met a number of folks traveling the coast by bicycle.

A couple of days ago I invited myself to the dinner table of Beth and Marissa. They are between career moves and came out from Atlanta. It turned out that Beth was from Minnesota (Minneapolis and Stillwater) and she has a brother who lives about four blocks from me. Beth is tracking toward medical school after her trip. Marissa is from Tampa. She is headed into a PHD program in St. Louis after her trip.

It was great fun hearing about their travels and their future plans. They did no real training to prepare for their trip–gutsy move! They had come down from Vancouver, BC with the goal of getting to the Bay Area.

Who knows maybe there will be a day when I can say “I knew them when?”.


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I'm retired. Travel a lot.
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1 Response to Friends made along the way!

  1. Tom, it was wonderful meeting you! Beth and I enjoyed great conversation and great laughs with you at the Crazy Norweigan. Hope your journey is still going strong and you are making even more friends, even gutsier than us šŸ™‚ Enjoy the rest of your trip! -Marissa

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