California Dreamin!

As I rolled out of Redcrest the road ahead was The Avenue of the Giants. I have been through the redwoods in the past but it feels much different by bicycle. The quiet was palpable as I slowly made my way through 25 miles of the Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

As I stopped to admire the groves I saw a number of plaques attesting to the many “tree hugging” protectors who for 100+ years have worked to protect the trees. Consider me part of that tribe! Pictures oft visit are attached.

Once I was back on Highway 101 it was back to climbing mountains. This highway is a primary roadway from Oregon to San Diego. It flows like a snake undulating across the landscape slowly shifting in size as it squeezes through the mountains and valleys of California.

Today the sun was out all day and I got burned even with sunscreen slathered all over me. I wore some highfalutin white arm covers that my son lenten for this journey. This look like tubes and serve as sun deflectors. What I did not plan for was the heat. It had been 10 days of temperate coastal weather and “BAM” it was suddenly over 95 degrees.

By the hour #4 I began to crave a rootbeer float. Did I mention that my daily ritual is a rootbeer float? Well, many of you know that I love rootbeer. Due to the substantial number of DQ gift cards I have fallen into the habit of a daily “ice cream cocktail”!

Today was no exception. The problem was finding a vendor. I tried a number of tourist traps including the place that touts Bigfoot. However, I did not strike gold until I got to “Confusion Hill”. This is very exciting tourist trap full of antigravity gimmicks, a train into the Redwood forest and chipolopes which are cross between a chipmunk and an antelope–beasts so rare that I was unable to photograph one today.

Needless to say I got my float and it was just what the doctor ordered. I hit the road headed for Leggett. Once I found this thriving metropolis of 230 inhabitants I began my search for urge Redwoods River Resort. It was no where to be found. Hmmmm….

I pulled out my trusty I-phone and discovered that I had road by it. It was across from Confusion Hill which was back up the hill by 6.8 miles. Geeeeez!

I had put down a deposit by phone yesterday so I tossed asides traveling motto–“Never reverse course!”. Once I reversed course I got here fairly fast. I found out that the only restaurant was “you guessed it” at Confusion Hill.

So traipsed over for a cheeseburger–which was excellent. Soon I was in the pool at my “resort” washing away the heat of the day.

Tomorrow (yawn) I head for Ukiah. More heat — but more motels/ restaurant choices!









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I'm retired. Travel a lot.
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2 Responses to California Dreamin!

  1. Gregg says:

    Hi Tom, great pictures, what an amazing trip! Please let us know (if you want) when you are in San Francisco. Brian wil be there too from August 4th until the 8th.

  2. Sandy Hauth says:

    Hi Tom!! Great travelogue and pictures! I can palpably feel the wind rustling through those great big trees!! We miss you here.

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