Hitting the proverbial wall!

It finally happened–I ran into an obstacle I could not not beat. Due to a large conference in Monterey thru Sunday there is no available lodging until next week down the coast. Of course, I am bummed but I cannot camp so I am going to simply go with the flow.

This situation has allowed me to spend a little more time with my kid brother and his family. We have gone to the top of the highest peak in the area–Mt. Fremont; gone to Moss Landing which is on Monterey Bay; visited UC Santa Cruz and eaten some wonderful seafood and Mexican food. Plus we have had some time to truly re-connect. It is still hard to believe Kevin is now 50 years old. And that his daughter is through college with an eye on a career in film. What is the deal? Out of eight cousins there are three who want to work in film. Hmmmm.

Still I must comment some of his behavior. Kevin has a wacky sense of humor and a very big heart. He loves to use slang and profanity which are habits his daughter loved mimic and share. For example, they will sometimes refer to each other as “dog”. Kevin is also fond of collecting stray animals–cats and dogs. I was teasing him by labeling him “St. Francis of Assisi because he takes time every day to visit a person near downtown Hollister in order to feed several stray cats. The objective is to get the cats healthy so each can adopted.

The San Juan valley that is adjacent to my brothers’s town raises fruit like cherries, strawberries and apples; also avocados, several varieties of lettuce, and walnut trees. And nearby Gilroy is the garlic capital of the world. From the mountain tops the fields are amazing to observe.

Before I continue I want to giver brother and his family a shout-out of thanks. It is not always easy to have family parachute from a major distance. I had a great time and I would love it if Danielle our niece comes to Minnesota for a visit.

Not one to argue with the hand fate has dealt me I need to keep moving forward. Tomorrow I will rent an SUV and head for LA to visit my daughter. I looking forward to seeing her and her boyfriend. They recently moved into a duplex from a three bedroom apartment.

I have attached some pictures that reflect the last couple of days: the pictures are of my brother in a seafood restaurant; driving down from the top of Mt. Fremont and from behind Kevin’s home.

And away we go!





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3 Responses to Hitting the proverbial wall!

  1. tadd kelly says:

    loving all the photos and entries! this is really great. have you had any bike issues? no jinx’s here! ride on!

    • tourdetom says:

      Tadd, In the beginning I lost a washer for my right shifter. I was forced to hold the shifter in place by hand for two days until I found a bike shop that could repair it. Otherwise I think fatigue has been the biggest issue.

      I love seeing family and friends. Meeting so many new people has been a treat as well.

      Cheers, Tom

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. Kate Bordeaux says:

    Hi Tom!
    (Kate here) We all had root beer floats at a meeting in the Fjord room the other
    day and I thought to myself…Tom never would have had to leave to get his “afternoon
    cocktail” 🙂 Just kidding ofcourse! I actually think you should be on payroll for
    letting us live vicariously through you. (getting us out of our cubicles for mental breaks)
    We miss you around here and I am glad that you “going for it”. May you be out of the RV
    and back in the saddle soon. Say “Hi” to MO for me. -Kate B

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