LaLa Land

Well, I got to LA and I am hanging out with my daughter (Monique) and her beau (Alfredo–Fredo for short). They recently moved from a 3-bedroom “Animal House” situation to Shangri-la ( a duplex). It is fun to have the time to really visit. I am sleeping on the couch and learning that Fredo is a pretty good cook!

Their work schedules have provided me the time to explore LA on my own–by bike. My first ride was around Burbank, Glendale and Griffith Park.

My next ride was from Burbank to Beverly Hills–I was exploring the route to Santa Monica that will lead me to San Diego. Part of this route runs adjacent to the LA River (not an oxymoron)–see the photo:


The river is very shallow–perhaps a foot deep. Surprisingly there is a lot of bird activity: great herons, cranes, geese, ducks, etc.

This ride took me through Hollywood where I saw some special landmarks including stars on the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard, the Capital Records Building and Hollywood High School.





Later I discovered one of my favorite junk food establishments–Winchell’s Donuts! I simply love their apple fritter!



Of course, the fun of Hollywood is people watching. This fellow was playing his guitar while skateboarding and also chomping on a cigar as he sang his tunes rolling down Vine St.


I must admit I love urban riding as much as riding in the “sticks”.


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1 Response to LaLa Land

  1. Molly says:

    I LOVE the self portraits. Reading your Oregon and norther California entires make me miss my annual bike trip even more. Next year. No sense in missing a year of something I love. Bike safely and know you’re not alone in thinking those RV’s are the deadliest on the road. Sheesh!

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