Undiscovered Country

While visiting this lovely city I have taken several interesting bike trips.

The other day I mentioned the Los Angeles River–I failed to properly elaborate. This is really not your typical river. Nope, it is a concrete canal that channels water from streams in the San Fernando Valley and LA County before emptying into the Pacific Ocean.

It is odd to see the out-croppings of trees, shrubs, grasses, etc. living off of the concrete. It is the silt, sand and gravel that washes into the river that is the foundation for the flora. The following picture shows the only “rapids” I found during a recent ride. It ain’t much for now; I understand that during the rainy season it does look more like a river. No matter, the bird population looked satisfied by the current conditions.



I took my longest LA ride yesterday. Starting in Burbank I rode to Santa Monica on the ocean. All told I traveled on 60 miles of bike lanes–that’s right LA is actually fairly bike friendly!

During this ride I passed through Griffith Park, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Century City and Santa Monica.

Passing through Beverly Hills was interesting: nice gardens, nice homes and interesting sculptures. As fancy as Beverly Hills appears it still has some blemishes–see the picture with the lovely toadstools and the sculpture.



I loved the vibe of Santa Monica–cooler temps, hipster tourists and the ocean. Talking to beach dudes gives one a sense of déja-vu–reliving the 70’s again.

As with every biking day I stopped at McDonalds for lunch. And in this arid and hot climate I also refilled my water bottled a couple of timed.


While passing through Beverly Hills I noticed the kind of high alert police protection that can be witnessed in Washington, DC. Plenty of cops, big black SUV’s parked next to the Beverly Hills Hilton. I just can’t get away from political bigwigs!

I will treasure this time withy daughter. We have gone to a couple of museums– the Hollywood Museum was packed with some wonderful film memorabilia that included an interesting Marilyn Monroe special exhibit:





My daughter loves Marilyn so this a real treat for her! Personally I liked the exhibit; although there was a sense of melancholy evident in the photos and the biographical information. The museum is housed on the original Max Factor building — if ghosts could talk we would hear all the gossip shared by movie folk with Mr. Factor.

Well, time is running out on my time here. Monique and Fredo are off from work the next couple of days so more museums are in my near future.

Until next time!


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3 Responses to Undiscovered Country

  1. Karen Peterson says:

    It was wonderful to have this time with your lovely daughter. Say ‘hi’ to Monique and her Fredo. Enjoy your last few days with them making good memories to take along on the rest of your adventure.

  2. Nancy Malone says:

    my fav so far…hi monique!!! nanc


  3. Laurie Goudreault says:

    Hey Tom,
    Sitting at the desk at work, catching up on your adventure!!

    It sounds soo amazing, stay safe!!

    Laurie Goudreault

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