Just a Tourist at Heart

Monique has a lengthy list of museums, shops and restaurants that is will be our roadmap for now.

I already mentioned the Hollywood Museum. One must follow this up with a stroll down the fame ghetto that is Hollywood Boulevard. This enabled you to see costumed crazies posing for pictures with overwhelmed tourists. Jesus freaks squawk over bullhorns about the evils of “organized religion”. Children and especially adults push and shove to on the Grauman’s Chinese Theater sidewalk while inserting a foot or hand into the tattooed concrete. I confess in the past I had once done the same. Now however, I preferred to sit back and watch the scrum from afar.

This street is also famous for the stars who will forever be immortalized with plaques on the sidewalk–during out stroll I found the girl of my adolescent fantasies (hey, I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s!):


Yes, I confess I watched Annette religiously on the “Mickey Mouse Club”. Oh my!

LA also has some other notable museums. Who has not been fascinated by the existence of the La Brea Tar Pits? Seeing these black ponds of asphalt goo in the middle of a major city is surreal. The museum provides a terrific overview of the science behind the landscape. And if ya like bones you would really love this place–thousands have been found and many are on display. I found the saber-toothed cat, horse and the camel exhibits the most interesting since all three creatures were extinct in North America by 15,000 BC.



Eventually we worked out way to dinner — going to Canter’s Deli where Monique and I split a corned beef Reuben. It was truly delish!



Canter’s is the real deal — the appetizer was home made dill pickles that simply reeked of garlic — yum!

As we pass through the various parts of LA the weather though always sunny demonstrates sizable variations in temperatures. This is driven by the distance from the ocean and the mountains that are barriers to temp changes. The temps vary by over 15 degrees at any given time. When I walk outside in the early morning the sun already feels intense. Yup, I do enjoy the a/c.

Monique and Fredo are off of work for a couple of days so more museums are coming my way.

Until tomorrow!

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I'm retired. Travel a lot.
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