It’s a wrap!

This past two days have been fun and bittersweet since I knew that I would soon be resuming my journey.

We visited two museums — the Natural History Museum located on the campus of the University of Southern California; and the Armand Hammer Museum of Art. The History Museum was chockful of dioramas and spectacular dinosaur displays.

These photos show how artifacts are protected with straps in the event an earthquake; and one of my favorite dinosaurs was Elvisaurus.




The Hammer Museum contains contemporary art plus paintings from the private collection of Hammer. The first photo is of the famous early 20th century actress Sarah Bernhardt. The second photo is of an unusual Van Gogh–unusual for its lack of color.



Naturally I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a couple eating establishments too.

We had some tasty and extremely spicy pizza from Lucifer’s Pizza Parlor — the bacon pizza was outstanding!


We also went to “Sprinkles” located in Beverly Hills which is feted for its cupcakes and ice cream. Only in this city would one have access to an ATM for cupcakes. My daughter demoed the action–the cupcake arrives in its own box.



I have had a great time in LA, but it is time to move on.

To my darling daughter and her funny and patient boyfriend I want to say thank-you for being so cool about my stay–it was longer than any of us had first anticipated. This turned out to be a very good thing! I love you guys!!!!


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