Keeping Pace

Yesterday I rode over 100 miles–first time I topped the century mark!

It was a beautiful day as I rode along beaches and through large industrial areas. Passed by the Queen Mary in Long Beach and rode through the Orange County “gold country” that is Newport Beach and Laguna Beach.

Stayed in dive in Capistrano Beach!

But for me the find of the day was locating a Costco for dinner. What a deal — a polish sausage, coke and an ice cream bar for only $3.50.






Lovely view of the beach and the trains that pass as well! On to San Diego!


About tourdetom

I'm retired. Travel a lot.
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2 Responses to Keeping Pace

  1. M McDaniel says:

    Go Tom go!!!!

    Been following for a while. Sorry I missed you when you were in the Bay.

    Stay safe. And continue to enjoy the ride. Pun intended. Smile

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  2. Lynda conley says:

    Tom, have you eaten anything healthy since you left? Has a scrap of green passed your lips?
    Glad you made the century ride. I’m proud to say Larry did his century ride a couple of years ago so y’all are in the same club now ! : )

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