Making the turn!

After many weeks of being tied to the ocean I finally turned east. The last leg to San Diego was quite interesting. I had grown accustomed to riding adjacent to the water since Santa Monica, but it was the opportunity to ride through the Camp Pendleton military base. It turns out that is the actual bike route so if you ever want to follow this path be sure you have picture ID. And that close proximity to tanks, helicopters and other like craft won’t bother you.

Later as I went through the multitude of chichi environs like Carlsbad, Encinitas and La Jolla. It was like going through a parallel universe all in one day.

But I was pretty excited to reach the end of my southern trek and reorient myself eastward. As I pushed through San Diego I was fortunate to locate two of my favorite dining choices during this trip–Mickey’s and Costco.



It so cool that in warmer climes the Costco Deli is located outside so ANYONE can avail themselves of pizza, smoothies, ice cream bars, churros and of course my favorites the hot dog or polish sausage with a soft drink (only a $1.50!). So I purchased my sausage of choice and then to balance it I had the $1.00 side salad at Mickey D’s. I always make sure all the major food groups get my attention.

I finished out the day by scooting up to the town of Santee. This is a town of 53,000 residents yet there are only two motels! And both are on the far side of town meaning no where near my point of entry. It took me almost am hour to find them in prt because in mountain locales many streets are deadends.

I decided to hit the sack early in order to get a early start due to the heat factor. I was up at 4:45 and on the road by 6 am. I did get a good start but on this day I was climbing 4,000 feet in 90 degree weather plus humidity of 70%+. I drank over two gallons of water and it still was inadequate. My goal had been to ride 61 miles–I was fortunate to make 37 miles by bike; the final 2.5 miles to beautiful Pine Valley were completed via hitching a ride from a fellow cyclist.

I had developed muscle spasms in both legs and my back so stopping was the only real alternative.

After a burger and root beer float–hard to kill my appetite–I hit the sack. This morning common sense (yes, I have some!) prevailed and a chose to camp out at the Pine Valley Motel for a second day.

It really is quite beautiful up here and the residents are quite charming. And this photo kinda captures the beauty of dusk in these mountains.


So today I was a bum. Read a book, watch some terrible movies and did laundry.

Tomorrow I head up the rest of the mountain. I have re-learned what really should be obvious and that is to accept my limitations — smaller victories are ok too!!

Bye for now–I have stargazing to do!

But before I go here are photos before and after I stopped in Pine Valley.



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1 Response to Making the turn!

  1. alfred harrison says:

    Good idea stopping – You look cooked,fried and broiled in your French Foreign Bicycle Legion kit! Slow, easy & fun = root beer floatilla!

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