On the road again II

Well, back at it again, however this time I have a partner joining me — and we are traveling by automobile.

Driving across my favorite dairy state was rather tame until we had caught up with a huge thunderstorm. This was a whopper with frequent lightning, high winds and a rainbow. Tonight we found refuge in Wausau which is a little more than half way to Door County, WI. Looking at a map of Wisconsin one can find that Door County comprises most of the thumb in hand that is Wisconsin.

The ambience of Door County is faux Maine what with the numerous fishing villages that have monikers like “Sister Bay, Egg Harbor and Sturgeon Bay”.

The are also many artist colonies to peruse, by the way, our rule is when something new comes into the house then an existing item must depart. I, of course, adhere religiously to this policy. No comment on what my “Boss” might do.

We love Door County for the scenery, the food and the art work. In particular I enjoy the food items made with cherries–a local specialty: cherry salsa, cherry pie, cherry preserves, well, you get the picture.

Tomorrow will be fun!

So for now cherrio (sic)!!

About tourdetom

I'm retired. Travel a lot.
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