The ideal man

Look up into the sky, its a bird, its a plane–no its Superman!

You can image our excitement when we first saw the highway sign stating 10 miles to Metropolis — we looked at each other and I said “could this city be tied in some way to the Man of Steel”. The antenna was up as our anticipation grew ever stronger. Soon we caught sight of the town water tower — it was adorned with a painting of Superman in his very best flying pose. This was hot stuff for me anyway! Cherie played along since she knew I would probably sulk if we didn’t go to Metropolis to check this out.

The sight of the water tower sealed the deal — going to the town was a must. Pulling up to the top of the exit road, I glimpsed a sign directing us to enter the town with the bait being a giant bronze statue that had been erected in honor of Superman. As we drove ever closer to the center of Metropolis other roadside signs invited us to visit a museum dedicated to all things Superman.

Traveling the next three miles seemed to take forever. Finally we found the statue next to city hall. There was Superman looking like a colossus as he appeared to gaze down Main Street. His posture was perfect and his demeanor appeared to show an intense level of courage and ego. You know the look? It is commonly shown in TV programs and movies that feature Superman. I dashed to the statue for a photo that could record this historic moment for my posterity. Although I could be persuaded to sell copies should the world clamor for it.


Although it was extremely difficult for anything else to approach the importance of getting a picture of Superman there were a number of other artifacts that persuaded us to consider this town to be a “national treasure”. Did I forget to mention that Superman was a childhood hero of mine–well he was! So now we roamed about the town taking a number of photos of other Superman landmarks. It was sure great to see that one of my boyhood heroes was still appreciated–can anyone forget what he stands — that’s right: for truth, justice and the American way!

One other good thing about this visit to Superman’s hometown was the opportunity to meet some cool chicks that could be some oomph into a Supergirl outfit — my wife was the perfect candidate for the job! Perhaps one fancied Lois Lane — be assured she gets her measure of respect in the museum and the town — there is a Noel Neill (Lois Lane in the 1950’s) statue down the street from the Man of Steel so that the star crossed lovers are permanently joined together.





Who said that childhood dies with the young? Balderdash! Heck, this was even better than crossing into Kentucky over the mighty Ohio River; this happened a few minutes and we exited Metropolis.

Hooray for truth, justice and the American way!! The tune was buzzing in my head–da,da,da, da,da,da,da,da…

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