Being Undecided or I am in the Twilight Zone

Ouch, I know that the next election will really be decided by the media darlings aka “the undecided”– because FOX and MSNBC tell us this everyday! I really hoped this meant voters could not make up their minds about whom to support; because they needed more information about the candidates and their positions. It never dawned on me that the undecided voter could be IGNORANT (translation = meaning uninformed.

While sitting in a rather shabby and cheap motel a surrealistic exchange of words between three customers was witnessed. The conversation was jump started by the tv cable program showing that morning. One individual began mumbling unintelligibly — it did sound like words, but the words were hard to decipher until the cadence became more familiar.

As the ear became more in tune I clearly heard the speaker ask who (President) Obama was. This was quickly followed by president of what? The other participants in the low-key drama responded that “Obama is the current president”. This “undecided” individual then asked how long had Obama been president. Clearly, this nearly penniless fellow was confused and uninformed too.

It seemed that he was surprised about who was president. The answer to this question stimulated more questions about the current sitting president. The couple to whom he was speaking then asked him if he ever watched the news on tv. He responded with a muffled grunt that indicated he lacked some basic knowledge about our world, I am guessing here, but I don’t think he was really steeped in current affairs. This means the idea is dead!

The couple never sounded officious nor condescending during these exchanges. But their followup comment was “you must have been asleep for 100 years”. Of course, any idiot knows that is not true — their attempt at hyperbole simply leapt over the woman’s head. My thought was this fella is a modern state Rip Van Winkle he should not vote until he becomes more familiar with the two candidates and their policy stances.

We soon meandered back to our room. It was during this stroll that my spouse commented that this person was a good example of someone who lives on the ultimate dole. To this I commented that he is not a likely voter since he is so ill-informed — but then I got a chill down my back. I took a moment to cogitate over this and then decided that this person probably won’t try to vote anyway…or would he for the right price,er, reason such as for food, smokes or lodging.

My bias would be to better educate the electorate before than can vote in any election. Needless to say this dialogue that I witnessed is truly scary and does not portend all that well for the country in the long-term.

Yup, that’s correct. This was a Twilight Zone episode.

Do, de , do, do, do, de, do, do…

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