Crystal Bridges

One never knows when and where great architecture and great art will be found. Imagine how surprising it was to visit the Crystal Bridges American Museum of Art located in Bentonville, AR. which is literally in the middle of rural America. The building is surrounded by acres of park land which contains both walking and biking paths. Sculpture dots the landscape as does a variety of flora, fauna and stones.






The museum was funded through a grant from the Wal-Mart Foundation and with donations from Alice Walton–daughter of Sam Walton the founder of Wal-Mart. Much of her donation includes most of the works of art that comprise the permanent collection of the museum.

Here is a sample of the collection that includes this Rockwell;

20130209-233109.jpgthis Manship;

20130209-233402.jpgthis Marisol;

20130209-233555.jpgthis Calder and Mitchell;

20130209-233755.jpgand this Warhol;

The museum and parking is always free–lovely!

Hiking the paths around the museum stimulates the appetite — so pack for a picnic. Select a bench near a stream or near a garden; you could share the spot with a sculpture. Relax and enjoy the solitude of the moment.



Bon appetit!


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  1. Rob Smolund says:

    Just visited this jewel last week. It was beautiful.

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