Dallas Whirlwind

This is not our first visit to Dallas but it certainly was one of the most fun. Big “D” keeps getting bigger and bigger–traffic feels a lot like Atlanta or Phoenix. Tollways, double highways, shopping centers everywhere it feels like one is in the midst of a giant beehive. No matter, we came to Dallas to visit a close long-time friend that we met during one of her many sojourns to Minnesota.

In Kim’s past life she has been among other professions a teacher and a project manager. Now she is “semi-retired” — babysitting grandkids, working in her daughter’s business and most importantly Kim is rapidly developing the dancing skills that may make her a candidate for “Dancing for the Stars”. Indeed, she dances everyday and she is taking lessons to learn all the latest steps. Kim seems to be having the time of her life.

Our visit gave Kim the opportunity to dust-off her renowned project management skills. Her plan ensured we were well entertained!

We visited the new Perot Museum of Nature and Science–pretty cool. The museum has dinosaurs, a terrific human body exhibit and quite frankly some of the best interactive options that I have seen in any museum. I think I “played” with every computer screen in the museum. Well worth the visit!






After leaving the Perot we wandered over to a nice little pocket park so we could nosh at a food wagon.



Later, we spent a day in McKinney (an old west town that is now an exurb in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex). This olde town is noted for its variety of architecture — colonials, prairie style, craftsman, etc. We hopped a bus for a guided tour of a variety of restored homes some of which date back to the 1850’s. Our guide was a retired doctor who was born in one of the homes on the tour. And did you know the movie “Benji” was filmed here? Me neither!

Kim also arranged for tickets for two live performances: a 1987 french farce filled with sexual innuendo and double entendres–very funny; and an Agatha Christie type murder mystery musical whose title escapes my mind–it too was funny.

The best thing about our visit was the opportunity to re-connect in-person with Kim. Sure email, texting and Facebook all enable one to stay in touch. But isn’t seeing friends live a better alternative? Sharing meals, laughs and experiences is what friendship is all about.

Kim is more a sister than a friend for my wife. They have so much in common: love of thrift store shopping, making jewelry, virtually anything artsy; oh yeah, they are admitted and committed coffee snobs. The best part for me is that they let me be the third-wheel.

Admittedly, four days is a very short period, however we took full advantage of the time. We left Dallas with many wonderful memories stored away until the next time we meet.

Kim, thanks for being such a great hostess. Have a great time on your upcoming dance-a-thon cruise!

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2 Responses to Dallas Whirlwind

  1. Julie says:

    So this is where the sun is hiding? 😉

    • tourdetom says:

      Julie, The sun is also in Houston. I just got back from a 30-mile bike ride.

      I heard you may be going to Mexico?

      Thanks for shoveling the walk. Judy sent us a picture today–it looks very wintry.

      Have you gone to the blue door yet?

      Take care, Tom

      Message coming from the Burke iPad

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