Good Friends in Good Places

The joy of traveling to and through the Republic of Texas has been magnified by the time we spent with so many close friends. For the better part of a week we sponged living quarters from Larry and Lynda Conley of Spring, TX.

There was a constant wave of silliness and good natured teasing that intertwined our time together. Sightseeing was front and center as was eating–well. The generosity of the Conley’s and Linda’s sister Nancy was heartwarming, as we took part in all the regular family rituals both in Houston and in Galveston.

Moving at breakneck speed we visited historic sites, museums, beaches and took a number of walks. A truly big “THANK YOU” to the Conley clan–sorry about taking some of your silverware, I just could not resist. These photos provide a partial catalog of events, places and things that were the heart of our week in and around Houston: a visit to the dreadnought U.S.S. Texas which fought in two world wars–it was an imposing and powerful weapon of mass destruction considered to be the most powerful weapon in the world from 1913-1940:

the Johnson Space Center that re-kindles my childhood fascination with space exploration–all I need is $10 million to fly on the Virgin Airline trip into space planned for later in this century:

sharing a delightful Valentine’s Day dinner — don’t you just love Italian food:

and driving down to Galveston to stay one night in the vaunted and highly cherished seaside lodging of a delightful Conley in-law–and coaxing a wild game of Jackass, or was it dumb ass, oh never mind.

As mentioned earlier food was a major object of our desire. We ate Thai, fried fish, barbecue, Italian and my personal favorite Micky D’s. We also were treated to a number of home cooked meals by the Conley’s.

A very huge and well deserved Thank You again for being such wonderful friends and hosts(esses)!!!

And before I forget they are in good company as “coffee snobs” — do any coffee affectionados
ever stop searching for the next Starbuck’s. Not really:


Lastly, as most of you now know it was really all about me. I attended a photography class, participated in an art workshop on collages and took the first bicycle ride of 2013. Whew, I get tired thinking about whirlwind that was this past week or so.

We had a terrific time and what a way to avoid winter–there is more to the situation…stay tuned!



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1 Response to Good Friends in Good Places

  1. Susan Peltola says:

    You have a winter to avoid up here-COLD and now snow-this hibernating bear, once again snowbound in MN, appreciates the chance to tag along vicariously. Thanks for sharing.

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