Human beings crave comfort or perhaps relief; especially in times of crisis or stress. One can only imagine how significant events like war or distant travel could the perfect trigger for anxiety.

Adaptation enables us to cope. Our thoughts conjure up memories of childhood, family, friends or places. To successfully resolve any internal conflicts it is critical to locate the right place to meditate–to achieve that calmness of spirit that we may associate with mysticism.

During a recent visit to Houston I stumbled upon two recognized sites that certainly subscribe to the notion of a personal meditation spot. The first was located on the dreadnought U.S.S. Texas which is currently situated in a slew of mud near the port of Houston:

The other was on the space shuttle mock-up located in the Johnson Space Center:

Although these examples of “modern conveniences” are separated by nearly 100 years of technological prowess the basic design is still simple and quite elegant. We all must sit at certain times of our day, week or month: whether we rest upon a board or in a plastic cocoon the result is the same. As humans this is one act we all have in common–seriously we all do!

Some say that Nirvana is nearly impossible to achieve for most of our species. Nay, true Nirvana is experiencing the successful completion of the most mundane activity known to us all–and accomplishing it with the appropriate level of dignity and aplomb.

I think it was an old Seinfeld episode that captured the sheer pleasure such a personal activity can afford when a character named George benefits from access to hundreds of books and magazines while using the facilities in a book store.

We should all be so blessed and fortunate. May you too reap such heady benefits in your lifetime.

Now if you will excuse me…


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I'm retired. Travel a lot.
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1 Response to Oooommmm…

  1. Susan Peltola says:

    Enjoyed this Tom-reminded me of the days training my son in our old apt. on Fremont. Like George, I too must enjoy the benefits reading material provide-as my son would always grab a book as he walked to his port-a-potty- thinking that it was an important part of the process.
    Like Mommy like son I guess.

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