Oh Canada–Really

Although at this point we are now well past Canada, I feel compelled to comment on some of my favorite findings during our recent time there.

Canada is so authentic. Where else will one hear towns, villages or cities named Dead Man Flats, Medicine Hat, Moose Jaw or Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump? Names like these easily roll off the tongue.

Canadian signage can be straight-forward, quirky, funny, descriptive and naturally accurate:






The stylishness of our American fashion and cultural has nothing over Canada. However, would it work in the US of A.






Fooled ya — we Americans can be funny and quaint too.

Right on Canada


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2 Responses to Oh Canada–Really

  1. Susan Peltola says:

    Those signs were LOL funny. (Who would think that the words ‘risque’ and ‘loin’ would be in an avalanche warning?)
    Cherie you look so cute in those fur hats-and Tom, did you have your own trimmed?

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