Texas, and so it begins!

Whew, made it. Just missed the blizzard of 2014 that hit Minnesota on Thursday last. The highway signs through Iowa screamed out “Blizzard Warning for North-Central Iowa”. I took this as a challenge and squeezed the gas pedal. Told my travel companion that we weren’t going to get caught as we buzzed by Des Moines.

That evening we sat in a Missouri motel feeling smug about missing the storm. Thursday was a day of weather transition. The temps dropped rapidly in the Kansas City area; by early afternoon we’d crossed into Kansas buffeted by heavy winds billowing snow and rain.

The sun finally came out in Altoona, KS and with it the temperature jumped to a balmy 50 degrees. I briefly considered changing into shorts. But, stopping was not an option — I took solace from the greening landscape.

Friday we arrived in big “D” — the Metroplex — a virtual mini-LA that spreads out like the Mississippi River Delta. We came to visit Kim our perpetually dancing friend. And we got lucky since the temps rose into the 60’s — hallelujah; I’d wear shorts everyday for the next six weeks!


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I'm retired. Travel a lot.
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