Visiting Kim is always a treat since she and “C” behave like sisters. As was expected she had a list of events planned for the weekend: as a social director no moss grows under her toes. We’ve patronized our first dinner/movie experience at the “LOOK” theater viewing “Monument Men” aka the Nazi rape of European culture. We lounged in reclining leather chairs — assigned seats no less and enjoyed our own waitress.

Later we initiated Kim with a viewing of two episodes of “House of Cards” — a truly delicious, saucy and naughty tribute to political intrigue.

On Saturday we visited the George W. Bush aka “Dubya” Presidential Library and Museum located on the campus of Southern Methodist University (SMU). This is my seventh visit to a presidential library. As with the other libraries the formats are very similar. Any differences lie with the political demeanor of the visitor and the president.


Later that evening we ventured out to Kim’s favorite haunt — a dance studio that was decked out for a mardi-gras theme party. One, two, three, shuffle…

We met many of her best friends. It was a fun crowd that was revving up for an upcoming dance cruise in the Caribbean. My knees hurt just watching all the samba’s, cha-cha’s and the like.

On Sunday we hit the road to Frisco, TX. Thanks to cattle and railroads, Frisco not only earned a name, but it also became a base of commerce. The weather was a balmy 75 degrees. This gave us license to wander around some lovely parks that commemorate the aforementioned cattle and trains.





We finished off the day by attending a live performance of the stage play “The Foreigner”. This farce pokes fun at everything and everyone. The actors were having a ball and so did we.

Can one pack anymore into a weekend visit? I’d be hard-pressed to answer yes.

Time to hit the road and head west. That’s right, on to Fort Worth!


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