Travel + Food = Joy (Chapter One)

On the road the options to eat are endless and are only limited by one’s imagination and taste buds. I say forget taste buds and live a little.

Oh sure, those inexpensive polish sausages together with a diet lemonade at Costco can be satisfying and tasty too. Even the occasional McDonald’s dollar double cheeseburger with a dollar side salad can maintain one’s energy during a journey across America’s mid-section.

However, satisfaction is more than a full stomach. A person’s senses should be teased, tested and pleasured by the taste, texture, smell and appearance of food. This can only be accomplished by eating out often. Eating at a variety of establishments. Eating meat, veggies, organic, non-organic foods in restaurants that are fancy, holes-in-the-wall, dives, ma and pa owned/operated, etc. It also means eating where regional or ethnic foods are featured.

In Texas one must eat barbeque, Mexican and Tex-Mex foods — mission accomplished. Unfortunately I don’t have photos of all every meal. However, you can note the establishments should you elect to follow in my footsteps:

In Dallas
Lalos Mexican restaurant located off Preston Road serves up terrific enchiladas verdes with chicken and taco salads — a fine dining experience.

Twisted Rootbeer is a hipster burger, fries, specialty sandwich joint located near Southern Methodist University (SMU). They were out of kangaroo so I settled for a burger. Good fries and homemade root beer!

In Ft Worth
Conley’s — best T-bone steak ever. Thick and juicy, I scarfed it down faster than a Texas twister. The location is so secret I collect a fee to divulge it.

Lucile’s Stateside Bistro was a return to the past. It’s located near the city’s museum campus. The lobster bisque was thick with meat. The char-grilled salmon salad was an eclectic grouping of grapes, walnuts, bleu cheese, tomatoes and dijon vignigarette. Entering this old establishment was a trip to the past. I could imagine ladies enjoying mid-day tea back in the day.

Angelos is truly a blast from the past–located in warehouse it’s a place that suited gents rub shoulders with blue collar types to eat barbecue. It’s on the other side of the tracks. The beef brisket — chopped was delicious. My companion that day purchased a beer the size of Cleveland. It was so big he needed two hands to lift it to his mouth.

The other barbecue joint was Railhead Smokehouse located off I-30 — rated by many in Ft Worth as the place for barbecue. The two meat dinner plate was a heap of food — ribs and brisket plus cole slaw, fries and a piece of white bread to sop up the sauce. This place was outstanding and crowded — the line was out the door shortly after we arrived. I had enough to take back for a meal the next day. Yum!

For an inexpensive and very tasty fish meal a go to would be Flying Fish (located across from Railhead Smokehouse). The Tilapia tacos were outstanding as were the fries. I ate the tacos so fast the other members of my party never got a taste.

Bella Pasta can be found in the Westcliff Mall. The Chicken Marsala had plump and juicy mushrooms, chicken breasts that spread over a bed of home made noodles.

Joe T. Garcia’s is a Mexican restaurant is a local institution located near the touristy Ft Worth stockyards — an area that used to house sizable Armour and Swift meatpacking plants. Any visitor will be impressed by the restaurant as much as by the food — the footprint is one square city block with a wall surrounding a large inner courtyard. Its Texas so it has to be large. Joe T serves up only two main courses — fajitas or enchiladas family style. Our table chose the enchildas. These were accompanied by tacos, chips, beans and chips. The beverage of choice were strawberry margaritas. There was so much food I couldn’t clean my plate.


In Austin
Magnolia Cafe is a wonderful escape from present time. Its been called the comfort food that your aunt would make in a gigantic kitchen — if she had one. Open 24/8, it serves burgers, fries, salads, soups and best of all breakfast. We had omelets –#21 aka T-Rex made with turkey,avocado, two cheeses and pico de gallo; and #19 or Portobello comprised of portobello, red peppers, onions and cheese. Both were really delish!

New Orleans
Deanies Sea Food is located in the French Quarter specializing in preparing creatures of the sea: oysters, crab, flounder, lobster, etc.

The Crab au Gratin comprised of fresh lump crabmeat andfour varieties of cheese. This dish was outstanding–I nearly licked the bowl. My companion had a house specialty — barbecued shrimp. Huge shrimp sauteed in butter and secret spices. This too was amazing particularly the spices the shrimp soaked in during the meal. Both came with salad and bread. See feast:





The following morning we walked to Cafe du Mond in search for beignets (ben-yeahs). The Cafe can be found on the eastern edge of the French Quarter. Cafe du Mond is the original purveyor of beignets — fried pieces of dough. The hot dough is covered with powered sugar and served warm. What a truly decadent treat. Hot chocolate washed down the delicacy. I was on a delightful sugar high after devouring this local treat.




So far eating options have been diverse and noteworthy. All restaurants mentioned above have a webpage so go crazy.

More to come on to Florida.

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2 Responses to Travel + Food = Joy (Chapter One)

  1. Susan Peltola says:

    Thanks for the mouth watering informative travelogue. Love how what the two of you are wearing also reveal who you are-artistic and colorful Cherie and history loving Ironman Tom. You both look very happy and satisfied. (When I came home from Europe- I regretted not taking photos of the food before gobbling them up- to remember them by. Platefuls are always among my favorite photos of others’ trips.)(Did you stop in Hannibal on the way down?)

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