Every journey requires one to be open to new and unusual experiences or so I believe. Life gets mundane as we live out each day so a little spice makes everything nice.

Its with a sense of joy and wonderment that I introduce some of the highlights of my current excursion. Photos tell the story and the words underline the meaning:

This artifact can be found in the GW Bush Library in Dallas. It is one of dozens of playing cards that were designed to brandish our swagger as our military took it to the Iraqis. Looking back I find it hard to believe that our government turned this “war” into a Wild West show.

While leaving a movie theater in Dallas I happened upon this during a search for a restroom. See if you can figure out the model for this photo:

Yes, that is my hand hovering about the face.

Strolling through an antique warehouse in Ft Worth I was mindlessly gazing at some cowboy art when I spotted this:

Perhaps its my warped sense of humor, or maybe I’m just too fascinated by the behavior of our species. This basket of tokens reduced the intended activity to a business transaction — or to joining a tollway.

LBJ’s presidential library displayed a wide range of gifts to the president. This photo is one in a million:

Foreman gave this to Johnson in recognition for a job he obtained through a new federal Job Corps program. He felt it saved his life because it got him off the street and into boxing.

While visiting the WWII museum in New Orleans this photo was on the wall of the canteen (snack bar). For most of my life this person was always making trips overseas to entertain the troops:

I was always enamored with Mr. Hope because we shared the same birthday.

For some reason I enjoy any reference to the subject of this photo. This one makes me chuckle since it has a certain overtones of Beverly Hillbillies :

I’m not sure if was pure dumb luck, but this monument was located in the square across from my hotel in New Orleans:

Can you guess what it is? Ok, one hint — its not about the Wizard of Oz. Its not a treehouse either. Give up? This was created as a remembrance of Hurricane Katrina. The location is odd because its well off the beaten path — no where near downtown or the French Quarter. Once I found the plaque I understood its importance.

Driving through bayou country is so interesting. Water is everywhere — rivers, lakes, swamps — the interstate is truly one long bridge. At times the drive is monotonous so its easy to become reliant on billboards for distraction and entertainment. This next photo begs the question why?

I cannot recall ever being told that an AA meetings was being held down the hall while being served in a bar. I can only attribute this double message as a product of Catholic guilt–of which I’m very familiar.

Many the night I have stayed in a hotel. Leave it to the creativity of some entrepreneur to surprise me:

The worst part about this was that its message board read “Sorry, no pizza is available”. Darn, I did have a hankerin.

Did you know that sea monsters do indeed exist? It was news to me until I paid a visit Weeki Wachee Springs a Florida state park.

This creature was let loose during a mermaid show. Yes, that’s correct I said mermaid show. Perhaps you need some proof — see:

I’ll be darned if I can explain how these fantastic creatures were captured. They appeared healthy and well fed. Captivity suits them.

While attending spring training baseball games in Florida I saw something that Minnesota Twins baseball fans covet more that anything:

Ok, so a winning team would be nice too. But I’m referring to is a healthy Joe Mauer — getting hits and being in a position to score. Look fast and hope this is the sign of things to come.

Finally, as many know this winter has been one for the record books in every corner of North America. So cold and snowy that spring is only a memory. I want to report that there is reason for hope:

What you see if you can look past the pinkish/white skin tone is warm water from the Gulf of Mexico running over my translucent feet and toes. I have hope and so should you.


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3 Responses to Esoterica

  1. Susan Peltola says:

    The Mona looks like Bill Murray to me and what I thought MNs were longing for was that green grass-did not realize it was a healthy Joe. You have nice feet Tom.

  2. Julie says:

    Great perceptions: Joe on base and toes in the sand! Someday, someday, someday this will happen in Minnesota! ‘Til we meet again! 😉

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