Just past Telluride and there’s a village called Rico, Colorado nestled in the shadow of the San Juan Mountains. Rico benefits from a year-round recreational options including fishing in a trout stream that flows nearby. Winter is about skiiing. The town offers a variety of lodging options including inns, fishing/campgrounds and cabins.

It was our good fortune to find the delightful Rico Hotel Mountain Lodge and Argentine Grill operated by Eamonn O’Hara the owner/chef and his spouse. O’Hara was working in the kitchen when we arrived. After a brief conversation he led us to the front desk. We then checked into his hotel.

Unbeknownst to us the restaurant was a gem. We learned that O’Hara had worked for Wolfgang Puck prior to striking out on his own. He was anxious to create his own legacy. The grill’s menu was impressive and we could see the restaurant was packed as we hustled up to our room.

We’d been too tired to eat dinner in the Argentine the night before. Poor planning on my part. Like most inns or motels breakfast was offered the next morning. It turned out that breakfast was outstanding and so was the breakfast room:



I apologize for the poor quality of the photos — I guess I was too excited to hold my hands steady.

Breakfast was homemade, yes homemade, quiche, banana bread, raspberry jam, french bread and fresh fruit. Cereal was also offered — frankly, I was not interested once I saw my options. It’s clear that dinner would have been outstanding. I regretted passing on dinner in the Argentine the night before — hopefully I can come back at a later date.

While packing up our belongings we realized that ice was needed for the cooler. Eamonn’s wife filled our cooler to the brim in the kitchen. When we praised her quiche she gave us two pieces for the road which we later enjoyed as supper. What luck to find the Rico Hotel. If you pass this way in the future consider this establishment. Its website — ricohotel.com.



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