Great Vittles

Golly, I had the best pork ribs ever today! About an hour or so of Kansas City it was noon and hunger pangs were aknockin’. Lucky for us Toot Toot’s Family Restaurant was just ahead in town of Bethany, MO. The road signs proudly announced Toot Toot’s “World Famous” reputation.

I laughed and remarked, “How could ya pass-up a place with a name like that?” “I’ll Yelp it to see if its worth the stop. Seconds later my companion said, “Toot got 4.5 stars — lets try it.” “Great, when in Rome”, I said with a hoot and a chuckle.

Soon we were pulling into the parking lot:

The scent of smoked meat stoked my inner carnivore. In we went — the first sign read “Seat Yourself”. I looked to my right to search for a booth and glimpsed my companion shooting this photo:

Now we were both laughing. “Nice welcome,” she said. Soon we were navigating through chairs and tables adjacent to the lunch buffet–fried chicken, ham, mashed taters, beans, rolls, salads and a mix of desserts. I gave the scene the once over and then found a booth.

The wait-staff was quite friendly and each wore trendy Toot Toot clothing:

The atmosphere reeled us in hook, line and sinker. An eclectic menu was a surprise. However, the scent of smoke still hugged my nostrils. I craved the rib basket with fries, slaw and Texas toast. My companion chose a turkey bacon panini with side salad. “Come onnnn, we have to eat like the locals,” I thought. And I was right! Man, did I feast!


I scarfed the food — the ribs were thick with meat; the toast was drenched with butter; the cole slaw was like ma used to make; the fries crunchy as requested. Peering over my shoulder I silently disagreed with my friend next door:

“Best ribs ever. The sauce seemed to improve as I chomped to the bone.” For quite some time I’ve refrained from the gorging — today I was in rare form. “Burp, sorry!” I knew it was worth it. No dinner for me tonight,” I announced.

Once done I headed to the men’s room to wash my hands. Who wouldn’t feel manly sharing space with these icons of the old west?


As I sauntered out of Toot Toot I vowed that future trips to KC would include a stop at this “World Famous” restaurant. “Fur sure”, she said.

“Ummm!” I replied.


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  1. Susan Peltola says:

    Well no wonder they toot their own horn.

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