Let it snow, let it snow,let it snow…

When you tell someone that you’re going south in the winter this implies sunshine and warm temperatures–right?  Not this year.  A couple weeks ago we began our annual Florida sojurn.  We typically head to Texas to see friends and then hightail it to Florida before we wear out our welcome.

This year Mother Nature has had no interest in accomodating our travels.  Iowa was in a deep-freeze all three days we were there.  Missouri was a bit warmer — still not above freezing; and it snow there too.  Arkansas, the retirement destination for so many was only slightly better.  Surely once we arrived in Texas warm weather would welcome weary vagabonds from the north.

It was certainly warmer–initially.  The first day was glorious.  Trees starting to bloom, upright pansies basking in the sunshine.  The blush of spring washed over me as I walked around Dallas.  I should have grabbed some sun and put it in my pocket because the next few days vividedly demonstrated that its February and winter does not surrender easily.

In less than 48 hours northern Texas was blanketed with inches of ice.  Schools and businesses closed.  People hunkered down after scraping clean store shelves.  DON’T TRAVEL was the TV weather mantra.  Of course, to someone from Minnesota the whole situation seemed slightly comical and overreactive.  Monday was the day we were heading to Fort Worth to see other friends — why should weather be an issue?  

I walked to the car to scrape the ice off the windows.  No one was on the road. “Hmm, maybe I’ll drive a few blocks to test the waters.”   Driving presented no problem — so we packed the car and headed west.  We followed a route I’d plotted that avoided all highways.  Sticking to surface streets we made good time.  I’d originally estimated a three hour trip (normally it takes 65-70 minutes) to Fort Worth.  The roads were empty and fairly easy to navigate which enabled us to make the journey in a smidgen under two hours.

Our friends were freaked out that we had decided to drive on such a horrible weather day.  We arrived with much fanfare.  We settled in for a day and then without warning Mother Nature decided to mock us again.  Its snowed everyday during our time here.  One day it warmed up to the mid-50’s otherwise the common denominator has been ice, snow and cold.

This is a non-snow day look.

At this point I would rather see the latter than the former.  I’ve assured my travelling companion that Florida will be warmer — the weather app forecasts 77 degrees for the day we arrive in Venice, FL.

For now we are taking this in stride.  Just returned from a walk in the SNOW and we are planning indoor activities for the remainder of the day.  My fingers are crossed that this weather will be merely a blip in a week or so.

Walking in my winter underwear….


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2 Responses to Let it snow, let it snow,let it snow…

  1. Julie says:

    Did you pack your LL Bean jackets?

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