Start Me Up

The Rolling Stones were in town.  It was their first outdoor concert in Minneapolis ever after performing here numerous times since 1964.  And I was going!

My outdoor concert experience has been mixed — summer in Minnesota can mean beautiful moon drenched evenings or non-stop monsoons.  So far I’d batted .500 — love baseball analogies — that’s two concerts by the way.  

The forecast was rain all day — maybe, just maybe with any luck, the rain would stop around 8 pm concert time.  The day quickly passed and our town was being saturated with rain. 

All day I’d heard “Stones experts” expound on the radio about the evening’s play-list and how the Stones are old guys who will likely shy away from cameras to salve their egos.  By the time we headed to the stadium I was tired of the BS — I’d paid my money, I was dressed in old clothes and I just didn’t care about getting wet.  I felt like a kid waiting to see the biggest Rock N’ Roll band in the world.  Rain continued to fall until 30 minutes before the show began; and then as if on cue the clouds began to recede: 

 Like ants people came out of every crevice in the stadium.  Seats filled fast.  The rain gods had spoken.  Gimme Shelter would be performed — not required for rain deflection.  Photo ops were ever-present — selfies too:    

Then once the rain water was squeeged off the stage an announcement yelled out “Here are the Rolling Stones”. The band ran out onto the stage and immediately began to play “Jumpin Jack Flash”.  They proceeded to play 19 hit songs for two hours.   

Its hard to believe that these guys were over 70 years old. Mick Jagger moved like a young unchained cat. He was struttin, jivin and boogin all over the huge stage the whole night:   



As were his bandmates who each had their own role to play — Ronnie Wood had a heater dangling from either his mouth or his hand most of the night; Charlie Watts was mostly stoic as he played drums; and bandanaed Keith Richards was simply Keith:   



The props, the stage presence, the showmanship — it was all there — I did get what I wanted and I was definitely satisfied.*


*I apologize for the poor quality of some photos. 


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