Spring has Sprung!

Where did the snow go?  El Niño seems to have worked its magic this week since the temps started out in the 30’s and quickly rose until yesterday when it hit 42 degrees.  Could it be better — yes it could and it did.

Today we hit a record temperature of 58 degrees — the highest in recorded history going back 120 years (or so).  

Snow is melting, birds are singing, the grit of the winter’s sand is on the garage floors and on every street.   I turned off the furnace and opened some windows.  Isn’t it lovely! 

I think I’ll go out for a bike ride — first of 2016:

Just got my bike back from the shop after a major overhaul.  I couldn’t wait to take my “new” bike out for a spin.  While passing the 4-mile mark a fellow cyclist yelled out “your bike is sure sweet!”  My chest puffed up as I sped down the bike path.

What pleasure to be riding outside rather than in the “Y”!  

 As you can see the snow has melted except for some curbs and shaded low points.   
Spring is on the way, baby!


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I'm retired. Travel a lot.
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1 Response to Spring has Sprung!

  1. Yes it has with the usual headwinds to keep us honest. Glad your still riding your bike!

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