Memories or Nightmares?

I was bombing down I-90 close the Badlands of South Dakota when I came upon a most peculiar sight (site):

No, your eyes are not deceiving you nor were mine.  Only America could make this a tourist worthy place.  This National Historic site is a product of 50+ years of Cold War.  I was viewing artifacts from a time many believe had passed — a time when propaganda taught us to fear and loathe Ruskies: 

 — was winning ever the point or was it all subterfuge:

As I entered the building the ranger immediately announced that the site closed early today — in five minutes–because an off-site meeting for the staff.  I was certainly disappointed by the news.  Quick as a bunny I ran around shooting pictures and getting a few yucks in before getting the boot.  How many of you can recall any of the following:

Doncha love the mushroom cloud cake and gleeful soldiers exposed to nuclear fallout would be favorites:

Or do you recall duck and hide as you matriculated in school:

And who could forget how we could all avoid atomic fallout — thanks to Ike we could hop in the car and drive away via interstate or our parents could build a fallout shelter:

Interestingly, I’d recently read an article that discussed the changes that were going to impact our existing nuclear forces.  Our government was spending billions of dollars to update our nuclear arsenal.  This enables our military to decommission old tools created to deliver our weapons — cruise missiles are being chosen to replace our aging Minuteman missile fleet.   These were placed into underground silos and bunkers through the US including sites in the Upper Midwest.

Recently numerous articles have also been published regarding the poor mindset and lack of discipline demonstrated by our “missileers” —  what a terribly unique and thankless job.  Imagine the tedium and pressure these folks deal with every day.  These who are our first line of defense are in a virtual state of unreadiness — are we truly ready for a nuclear battle — I’m simply not sure and I hope it never comes to that:

We always hear about the “nuclear football” which is the tool the president would use to launch an atomic attack.  We spend very little time focusing on the actual tools of such a war, nor do we really focus on those who would fight it for us.

Food for thought.

Sleep well tonight if you can…the boogie man will get you if you don’t watch out — bwwwwwwaaaaaaaaa…..



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1 Response to Memories or Nightmares?

  1. Sue says:

    Seeing bomb shelters for sale in Dayton’s home furnishings, on the way to see Santa, kept me awake worrying which neighbors would we allow in, to share in the safety,!if we bought one?
    Hate that when tourist sites close earlier than posted times. Max and I drove all the way out to Big Sky to ride gondola up Eagle Mtn. And when we got there- closed early for cleaning.
    So disappointing- remedied by taking horseback ride on the way home in the Gallatins that was lovely. But still mournied the loss of the river raft ride we skipped to do Eagle Mtn. No time left for either another day.
    Looking forward to your next stop.
    (Guess I won’t recommend the elevator ride down into the iron mine up in Soudan MN to your travel companion. 😉

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