Bad to the Bone

Finally, just when I was certain I’d have to stop at Wall Drug for a stretch up popped the Badlands.  You may not even know what the heck I’m referring to — think of visiting the moon on earth:


Ok, so you say to me “the moon doesn’t have a visitor center — at least not yet.”  Well, bear with me and look at these photos:

Moonscape — right? I know what you’re thinking — moonscape, well maybe.  All I can say is you have to go there and see for yourself.  Then let’s compare notes:


Eventually, after an all too brief 40-mile (2-hour) detour my traveling companion and I have landed back in reality.  

Such stark beauty is almost too much to gather in for anyone.  Oh sure, we’re smiling here — wait until we get to Devils Tower:


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1 Response to Bad to the Bone

  1. Suzy says:

    LOVE the Badlands-one place when near, I will not take no for an answer-we must take time to at least drive thru. Do they still have the helicopter rides over them? Most nervous I ever was as a Mom- a few minutes of nervous guilt for being reckless and putting us in that little contraption-but Max had a great ride; while I kept telling myself we are safe-the pilot does not want to crash either. Fun to visit these places thru the eyes of the two of you.

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