Devil’s in the Details

I don’t care how often I visit Devils Tower the very sight of it sends a chill down my spine.  Native American folklore believes that a party of braves were chased the top of the Tower by a giant bear.  The braves successfully reached the Tower’s summit just as the bear began its ascent.  They believe the scars on the sides of the  Tower were the work of the bear as it clawed its way to the summit.  This site is sacred to Native Americans who annually come to the Tower to worship. This story is more fun and more interesting to believe in don’t you think:

Just look at the scars the “bear” left on Devils Tower:What other explanation could there be?  Well, there is a scientific (boring) explanation.  I will let you decide which one you like better.  

Devils Tower is what remains of a igneous rock mountain that was once sheathed by soil and other softer rocks.  Over time weather and the Belle Fourche River weathered the Tower to its hardened cord and President Pres. Teddy Roosevelt declared it to be a national monument in 1906.
While visiting the Tower one can walk a path that encircles it or if you’re feeling kinda spunky you can climb to the summit.  My companion and I took the better part of valor and chose to walk around the base: 

\We saw a couple of climbers try to ascend Devils Tower during our visit — no permit is required  — only courage?  The key issue to climbing is its straight up:

There are many animals that call these area home including prairie dogs — ((a large village sits adjacent to the Tower), Pronghorn, Pika and bison:

So after you soak in the folklore and scientific theorems consider that this was an alien abduction site back in 1977.  That’s right, Steven Spielberg stumbled across the story of the century and labeled his documentary “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.  Devils Tower is a location that aliens have often abducted or returned human subjects taken for observation.  I looked all around the Tower to locate the landing strip used by the alien spacecraft — to no avail.  Apparently the evidence has been removed by our government — or was it?   I’m  not a conspiracy nut yet I’m compelled to go to this Tower every few years.

I recommend that see the Close Encounters movie so you determine any truths or falsehoods with these planetary stories.

Meanwhile you should hum this to yourself to prepare for the coming of more alien visitors to Earth.   

Do, do, dum, do, da,

Do, do, dum, do, da,

do, do, dum, do…..



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