Western Art

One wing of the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum presents western art primarily through the mediums of sculpture and painting:

Crows can be seen everywhere — “noble” scavengers capable of feasting on carrion and flora — this painting shows the repulsiveness of this crazed creature:

This handsome young man is a member of the Shoshone Tribe:

This statue welcomes visitors to the Buffalo Bill museum:

This is Fannie Steele a bronco rider in the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show:

The son of Gutzon Borglum (creator of Mt. Rushmore) was also a sculptor — this is one of his works:

This painting was the work of. N.C. Wyeth — a member of the New England family of well-known painters:

The next two paintings were completed by Frederic Remington.  He was a tenderfoot who came from New Rochelle, NY to paint the idyllic west.  Over time he moved west and built a studio from which dozens of western inspired works — sculpture and paintings flowed — his favored subjects were nature, cowboys,  and their daily activities:

This Remington work depicts the French/Indian alliance that goes back over 300-years:

Remington’s infatuation all things cowboy becomes very evident in the following photo:

Located within the gallery was a space that held Remington’s western studio: a multi-media presention shared Remington’s western adventures, his artistic process and methods.  The following photos show Remington studio::

I’m a fan of Remington’s art — realistic depictions of the old west; however his xenophobia begs the question of political correctness. Yes, he seemed to despise all people of color: he wanted to ship them back to where they all came from — Africa, Asia, Mexico, etc. So here is the conundrum — should he be judged by today’s mores or should he get a bye since he reflects the his time.

Frankly, I think one can appreciate art and still despise the artist. Admittedly this puts me in the camp of non-PC. I’m ok with that.




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