Ethereal Beauty

My companion and I recently  re-visited Crater Lake National Park.   First,we attempted to scale the north side of the park only to find it closed near the top.   We were unwilling to exit the park before we saw the lake so we reversed course.   Finaly, after an hour we reached the lake via the south entrance:

This park is located in approximately 1.5 hours from Medford, OR. Some of you may have seen the 2014 movie “Wild” starring Reese Withspoon.  She walked the length of the Pacific Crest Trail in the movie — one section of that trail runs through Crater Lake National Park:

Crater Lake is a long dormant volcano with the deepest fresh water lake known to man –1900+ feet deep on the east end. 

Crater Lake is part of the “Ring of Fire” — a series of volcanoes that stretch in an arc from Asia to South America. The Lake can easily be snowbound from September to April. In  fact, during a previous visit in March 2014 a blizzard was shellacking the the park in the midst of a blizzard. 

This time undaunted and determined the drive to the top of the mountain, though messy, resulted in a spectacular view of the lake as the clouds lifted several times over a a hour. This time there it was snow to be seen — but no storm: 

We arrived in time to eat lunch in the park lodge.  We had time to get warm prior to heading back toward the valley below Crater Lake:

The east rim road wasn’t simply open — it was snow free — was a pleasant surprise. These photos show the rugged beauty of Crater Lake:
Crater Lake has various unusual features like these  “HOO DOOs” created by steam that emitted along the shore.  

Another incredible feature of the lake is an island aptly labeled the “Phantom Ship” (a favorite of mine):

Parks that lie within the  Ring of Fire demonstrate a number of similarities — mysterious and unique. This water feature enables this park to stand out from the other US national parks. 


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