This is winter?

Since childhood I’ve grown accustomed to long, cold and very snowy winters.  Global warming has really changed winter — for better or worse!

Living near the Mississippi River and a stoned throw from Minnehaha Park one gets used to ice forming and the disappearance of running water until spring.

This winter has been warm and snowless.  The dramatic changes can be seen in these photos of Minneahaga Falls taken over the past two months.

This was in January:

This was in February:

This was this past weekend:

A walk around a local lake a week ago showed this:

Today the lake was free of ice and was flooding its banks:

It ain’t natural and it sure ain’t normal!

Imagine, yesterday it was 63 degrees in Minneapolis, tornadoes struck areas just west of us, there we’re thunderstorms and even a touch of snow last night.  The local pro basketball team cancelled last nights game due to condensation on the floor.

But there really isn’t such a thing as global warming!


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1 Response to This is winter?

  1. Sue says:

    It was the game here that had a wet floor?- thought it must be an away game when I saw a tweet about it.
    Not strange to have flurries on Max’s Birthday but then 62 degrees the day after and then a tornado watch following day and again flurries the next.
    March has heavy winds but do not recall losing power to them until last night- when it was so strong it awakened me and then the lights went out.
    Thanks for falls photo was wondering about it this winter.

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