Today was an easier walk–the road was compacted and rocks were much smaller.

I spent the evening in Estella–man Spaniards love to party–all night.  As I left my lodging a large group were drinking and singing.  Upon seeing me they began to cheer me on.

As I began to exit the town I went to a shop for water and got more than I expected:

Chocolate croissants have become a daily treat–glad they can be found almost everywhere–this particular croissant was still warm — yum!

Soon I passed a key regional attraction–the Bodegas wine fountain, but it was way too early for me:

Peregrine refers to pilgrims:

One turns the spigots for free wine or water:

Then there was a wine museum–reminded me of the date museum in Palm Springs, CA. Won’t see this in California:

A blacksmith was also along this pathway.   He made and sold a variety of items:

Soon rain set in lightly sprinkling for several miles or kilometers if you like:

The rain didn’t hamper the beauty of the terrain:

With no towns between Cruce and Los Arcos an industrious group situated themselves at the halfway point.  Calling itself Cafe Movil offered a variety of refreshments in an outdoor setting– not unlike food trucks:

As I began the final climb to Sansol I began to see snails:

For some the snail signifies the cycle of life–I’ll take that as a positive sign for today.   

It’s better than the alternative–simply death as seen in Los Arcos:

Buen Camino


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  1. Sue says:

    Chocolate croissants, free wine spigots, food camps and wildflowers galore- might be enough to even get me to take a step or two yet -along the Camino.

  2. Julie F Hunt says:

    Just getting up to speed on your journey. (I have been on a few of my own! ;-)) The pictures are extraordinaire. The chocolate croissant is out of this world. Enjoy your hike. Next year will you ride?

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