Rest Stop in Burgos

I decided to take some time in Burgos–Franco’s one-time capital.  Today I visited the world heritage site of the Catedral de Santa Maria XIII.  This cathedral was first built in the 13th Century.   Over the next 700 years it’s been modified using gothic, Romanesque and modern techniques–it’s a bit over the top –enjoy these photos which don’t really capture the immensity of this church–21chapels:

A model of the Catedral:

Outside the Catedral:

El CID’s (fought the Moors) grave–Charlotte Heston played him in the movie:

Dual stairways to heaven:

Stations of the Cross–larger than life-size:

A dome:

Lots of bishops, cardinals and wealthy patrons (plus family members) of the Catedral are buried in the different chapels:

One of many altars–made of wood, marble and alabaster:

Chorale area–carved from oak and walnut:

Entrance through a side door:

Brass doors with saints:

Renaissance paintings:

As a pilgrim I was charged half-price.  It was well worth it! Hope you did too.

Buen Camino


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4 Responses to Rest Stop in Burgos

  1. Karen Peterson says:

    Your pictures are amazing. Such a beautiful church. Got to visit it vicariously. Take care.

  2. Sue says:

    Charlotte? 😉

  3. Julie F Hunt says:

    WOW! AWESTRUCK! STUNNING! BEAUTIFUL! INSPIRING! I had never heard of this church before. Thanks for taking the pics. Truly a treasure!

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