Camino Odds n’ Ends

Not many folks walk the Camino de Santiago.  Conversations with those on “The Way” come from the entire planet.  Each has a unique story to tell.

The more interesting aspects of this walk are cultural differences with Spain in general:

Don’t see vending machines in the middle of nowhere in America:

Do you think a commissar would appreciate the humor in this name:

The open road takes on a whole new meaning:

Don’t see shepherds in my neck of the woods: 

I promise no more sunrise photos–no really–but aren’t these nice:

After a long rocky climb I can only liken to Gogotha:

Clean water (aqua) available in these fountains in many villages and  towns:

Funny to find this bar in a village in Spain–must be fans:

A free museum created out of a ruin in Burgos:

Caves randomly cut into rock:

A foggy morning:

Street sculpture–so humanizing in Burgos:

Gotta love the Mary Poppins motif:

And don’t forget a big favorite for smiting the moors–El CID: 

Can’t resist the large-scale fountains–wish we had more:

And these trees are everywhere–love them in the city plazas:

This was by a roadside perhaps a Spanish cattail:

After the past few days of walking I know how this feels:

Buen Camino


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4 Responses to Camino Odds n’ Ends

  1. Kathy Waters says:

    Tom – looking forward to each of your posts. Can’t wait to hear more about it after you finish!

  2. Patty Lais says:

    I really look forward to your posts. Love all the pictures and commentary.

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