Camino de Santiago–more bits ‘n pieces

Traveling opens the door to many new horizons.  Going on a multi-week walk slows life down so one sees more than if the travel was by car or even bicycle.

These photos are in no specific order, however they’ve struck my fancy:

This symbol must be international–yes:

Widlife is a relative idea:

Food trucks are everywhere:

Small towns and villages are still alive and kicking–thanks to the Camino:

The big cities ain’t doing too bad either:

My goodness can one just can’t escape the “Big Bang Theory”:

I stayed in this village which turned out to be the home of the oldest European humans discovered so far.  in caved.  You can visit the dig sites:

Later I visited the Museo of Human Ecology that tells the story of man including what’s been found in Atapuerca in the city of Burgos–creepy in a cool sort of way:

Our family tree–so far:

Loved the museum– verbiage was in English and Spanish.

This is kind of forward thinking we like to see in a religion–so those who want to donate more to renovate a church:

A different way to play this sport:

No civil war is ever truly forgotten–this is a memorial to executed Republican martyrs:

One thing about the Camino–friends are made quickly:

And home can literally be any place–and no hobbits don’t live here.  These hillside “rooms” were used by the locals to store wine, winemaking equipment, as well as foodstuffs:

Buen Camino

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2 Responses to Camino de Santiago–more bits ‘n pieces

  1. Sue says:

    Muy divertido!

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