Wet Not Wild

Since coming to Spain nary a drop of rain had fallen on me. Well, these past three days ended that streak.  Oh boy, did it ever!

As I slogged through mud, grit and oodles of puddles some things still stood out.  Each of the last three days we’ve been climbing higher into the mountains. At times rain and fog are at eye level–pretty cool to see:

When it clears a bit the mountains are beautiful:

The plants here seem exotic likely due to the climate — lots of cooling rain:

These trees look like characters from Disneys film “Frozen”:

While these look like succulents that are out of place:

The yellow flowers look especially bright on a dark and rainy day:

Even up here one will see the weird and unusual:

An encampment of medieval gypsies:

The Cruz de Ferro which is 4,934 ft. above sea level–a place for recalling why we are making this journey.  I set rock on it for a recently departed friend:

We are all in rain gear as we cruise down to Ponferrada–hoping to find warm and dry places to spend the night:

The sun will occasionally show itself and we all we all speed up to reach our next destination before the rains come again:

Buen Camino 


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7 Responses to Wet Not Wild

  1. Karen Peterson says:

    Even in the miserable weather your spirits seem high. Pictures of terrain are beautiful. Gypsy camp was interesting. Stay dry and safe. Good journey onward…

  2. Sue says:

    Agree gray days make the yellow pop- favorite kind of day to walk around Isles in the fall with the yellow leaves.
    Hiking poles must help on that slippery mud.

  3. happyplace68 says:

    How is your gear holding up? Did you bring extra hiking boots?

    • tourdetom says:

      Everything is good. I’m wearing trail running shoes–recommended by folks who’ve done Camino. Easy to clean. I expected rain–use a runners trick–brought some newspaper which I pressed into the shoes. This sucks out moisture. Shoes are ready go the next day. I brought sandals to wear when I reach my daily destination. Helps my feet relax after a long day of walking.

  4. Julie F Hunt says:

    Well done! Keep moving forward!

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