More Camino Bits & Pieces

There is too much to see at times on the journey. Still, I love sharing photos especially random examples of what it’s like to travel in Spain.  

Please indulge me in this “study” of life:
Love the horns–dissimilar to the Texas Longhorn, yet there is an eerie similarity:

Livestock in town–common sight be they cows, chickens, horses or in this case sheep:

Cheaper and easier than cutting the grass:

Children’s clothing store–first communion or junior royalty:

On a pilgrimage in a catholic nation religious art depicting saints, Christ and pilgrims is ever present — of Celtic origin located on a wall below the town church:

Conversely, more mainstream art can also be seen in public spaces:

Vineyards grow with cherry trees in many locales:

Storks are ever present.  Large birds who build large nests on church steeples, towers or any high spots:

Often houses are built over water–if you can’t beat ’em join them, I guess:

By the way, this has nothing to do with harnessing water for electric power.

Towns here also have suburbs:

Futbal (soccer to Americans)  is popular throughout Spain:

Weather can impact travelers anytime:

The beautiful St. Marta is the Catedral of Astorga:

Surrounding the front entrance:

This building stands next door to the Catedral is more famous.  It’s the Palacio Episcopal or Bishop’s House designed by the famous Spanish architect Gaudi. Not as “interesting” as some of Gaudi’s other designs, it still stands out with its unusually high turrets–perhaps he influenced Walt Disney’s castles:

Public plazas are the norm throughout the country and people  stoll there, kick soccer balls, eat at adjacent cafes and generally enjoy them:

When one travels to Europe there is always an expectation of romance. After all, this country and for that matter Europe was borne of knights, chivalry, “The Song Of Roland” (look it up on line if you care), etc.  This photo is of a bridge that one knight had to battle 300 other knights from throughout Europe over the period of a month– jousting with each and defeating them in order to win the hand of his lord’s daughter — now isn’t that romantic:

Oh, so thought I was kidding.  Well, for your information its commemorated each year in that same town–participate if you dare:

Until we meet again!

Buen Camino


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2 Responses to More Camino Bits & Pieces

  1. Sue says:

    Fun to see how the critters look in another country. One of my favorite sights in Italy was a bright lime green salamander – too quick to snap a photo.
    Now if I had seen a stork nest like that I may have fallen for the myth about baby arrivals.
    Urban sprawl even along the Camino?
    Love the phrasing of the sign translations:
    “Circulate with caution”
    Hope that lord’s daughter was worth the effort.
    Fun seeing the camino thru you and letting your feet do the work.

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