Sand in My Shoes

Visiting national parks is an American pastime — one I love. Going to Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore was a pleasant surprise. It’s within 50-miles of Chicago; looking through binoculars a vague outline of the Chicago can be seen over water. And Gary, IN is a stones throw away:

The park is located at the southeast corner of Lake Michigan. It’s 15,000 acres of low and high sand dunes; grasses and trees; trails, a heron rookery;

Within the park was a interesting complex of homes listed as the “1933 Century of Progress Homes–created for the Chicago World’s Fair. The homes are comprised of prefabricated and natural materials from glass, rostone to wood:

Each home is unique in style and construction material:

Each house was moved in pieces and rebuilt. Now each is being restored to its former elegance. All are on Lake Michigan.

Leaving the park the car hummed over some cattle grids. I gazed to the right and saw this sign warning cyclists that may venture onto this roadway:

Nicely done–clever and stylish!


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