Sadness in Oklahoma City

So many things have occurred since April 19, 1995. One full generation has come to be. The term “domestic terrorism” was freshly minted.

I recall feelings of fear, sadness and later anger. Remember Timothy McVeigh? Remember fertilizer bomb? Who knew? And who could hate so much that 168 died and 680 were injured. There are 168 stone chairs placed along the water. The time just before — 9:02 am and just after — 9:03 am the bombing are engraved into two towers of the memorial.

The buildings are gone. The street has been replaced by the memorial:

So remember, hug your loved ones — this was only the beginning.


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1 Response to Sadness in Oklahoma City

  1. Sue says:

    Remember hearing it come over the radio at work at the window-WCCO was on ( before coming to work at that PO- no one could agree on music station- so talk radio it was.) when I heard a building had been bombed in OK. No one else was paying attention -could not believe that I had heard it right either. Will always remember the sad photo of the fireman carrying the small boy in his arms. A daycare center was in the Murrah building. How horrible! But like you said-“it was only the beginning” of the terror that was to unfold before US.

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