Just Movin’ Along

In Amarillo we paid a visit to another restaurant. This time it was called the “Big Texan”:

And home of the 72 oz steak with one caveat– it must be eaten in an hour or less to be free:

This place is a true menagerie — seeing was believing:

After leaving Amarillo we stopped in Vega to see a restored 1920’s gas station called the Magnolia:

By this point we got hungry so we decided to eat at the “Midpoint Cafe” located in Adrian so called because it’s just what it says it is:

It’s certainly looked like an old diner:

The restaurant is known for BLT sandwiches and it’s pie — guess what we had:

That’s right — the BLT was delicious and the Chocolate Chip Pecan Whiskey pie with Vanilla ice cream was rich and delightful.

After lunch we crossed into New Mexico and spent the afternoon driving to and through Santa Fe.

Having just seen Santa Fe a couple of years ago we spent little time there. Instead we chose to drive on to Albuquerque.

The next day we wandered through Old Town — originally built in the 1770’s by the Spanish. Entering this area we first passed a statue of the founder of Albuquerque — Francisco Cuervo Y Valdes in front of a fountain:

Today it’s a popular tourist destination because it’s filled with shops, galleries, restaurants:

And an old church – the San Felipe Fe Neri Catholic Church originally managed any Jesuits, but not controlled by the diocese:

We shopped and wandered through the galleries and shops all morning.

Eventually it was time to move on so we left for Tucumcari. This very small town welcomes visitors with this sign:

Tucumcari is noted for having a number of old motels with fun names and signage:

We stumbled on this bonus site located on the main drag:

Then we moved on to the Tepee — which was down the street — yes, another curio shop:


Driving out of town we saw one last Route 66 artifact — a bridge over Rio Puerco:

It’s a very narrow one car only bridge.

From here we finished the day in Gallup, NM. staying at the El Rancho Hotel — often occupied by movie stars of from the 1930’s through the 1950’s. Once Ronald Reagan stayed here — we got a tour of the presidential suite — wow — jets in the tub:

Prior to going up to our room — the Robert Taylor room — each is named after a movie star — we ate lunch — the menu names items by movie stars:

I had the Jack Benny — a 1/4 burger while my companion had chicken enchiladas:

This was our one and only stay at an old fashioned Route 66 hotel and it was old, small and uncomfortable — but I loved it anyway:

Memories — that’s what this trip is all about.

And then it was over and we headed to Arizona for more Route 66 adventure.


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1 Response to Just Movin’ Along

  1. Sue says:

    That was a fun menu. Funny to see that Reagan is by his ex Jane Wyman. Wonder how Nancy would’ve liked that? And his burger with jelly beans on the side. Bet Jack Benny would be SHOCKED to see his burger costs over 10 dollars these days. Bet he’d have had the plain Jane grilled cheese for under ten😉. No Jane come thru town to name it after? Greer? Mansfield?not her era. Neither of you opted for your room namesake’s club huh? No Lupe Velez moniker for Cherie’s choice- just an enchilada? Looked good -now know what I have decided to make for dinner tonight.

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