Nature’s Way

The wonders of Arizona is where we’ve spent the past couple of days.

The Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert comprise one of my favorite national parks.

Filled with so much beauty:

The weather was perfect — cool and dry. And for the first time I saw petroglyphs — each one is a story untold — only surmised. The best authorities on such matters can only guess. And so shall all of us — are they part of a language or simply art forms — what do you think?

Of course, we came to this park because of Route 66 and we weren’t disappointed — the highway moves through the park. This old Studebaker marks the spot:

The museums within the park feature restored space that had originally been constructed for pleasure not education.

This was once a restaurant and inn:

Besides the restored space there are some wonderful exhibits that explain stories of old:

Or that gesture distinctive parts of the park:

I’m still amazed by the petrification of wood:

There are also ruins to be seen — people’s long ago had built structures using petrified wood and/or stone:

There are even some tongue-in-cheek stories shared in the park, for example how horses supplanted camels:

Leaving the park we headed toward Flagstaff. On the way we found a curio shop that doesn’t deserve to bf included in the trip — but here it was in the middle of nowhere — it’s main claim to shame is the saddled jackrabbit:


The next stop did top the rabbit.

We stood on the corner in Winslow, AZ ( from “Take It Easy” by the rock band The Eagles). That right we joined at least 50 other tourists to see where this song came from. Can this venture get any hokier?

Sure it can! The next place on our list was the Wigwam Motel. Or more accurately the remains of this once thriving business.

The land had numerous old vehicles on-site — many with rust, flat tires and worn out interiors — certainly the hot sun wreaks havoc on all these vehicles:

These are photos that show the inside of these structures:

Not much was left of this business.

From here we continued westward toward our final Route 66 destination of the day — Meteor Crater!

It had been 20-years since I’d been there. It had really improved as an educational site. The place almost feels like a science station. During the training for moon landings NASA used Meteor Crater and its surroundings. Also scientists have explored the crater to learn more about meteors — notice it’s a natural landmark not a National landmark:

Doesn’t it look lunar in appearance. Just think a really big meteor wiped out most life on earth — so much for dinosaurs.

A hokie film only showed a brief history about the crater. It was rather hokie at times, whereas the exhibits and the crater were presented in aa an educational option.

Scientists now know that “nickel-iron” meteor typically get obliterated upon impact.

The crater is so big it could easily accommodate 2 million spectators watching 12 football field. It’s so deep the Washington Monument would fit into the crater with room to spare.

So we finished half of the place we’d sought to see.

Tomorrow we are in Flagstaff our base for visiting the Grand Canyon.

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1 Response to Nature’s Way

  1. Sue says:

    Envy you two for this AZ leg in particular-still hoping to get there some day 🤞. Now that meteor crater has me most curious. Listening a lot to Graham Hancock and Randall Carson’s(from MN) theories lately.
    The petroglyphs must have been fascinating. so much like hieroglyphics. And that Hopi story mural is beautiful-like twelves labors of Heracles.
    Chief Pontiac’s worn and rusty profile hood ornament had me wondering if my Dad’s had one like that?
    Think that picture of jack rabbit & hunter serve as inspiration for Elmer Fudd? (Great pic)
    Know while standing on that corner in Winslow AZ you did not have seven women on your mind & were not in need of girl in a flatbed ford with the sweet love that saved you as your travel companion.
    Fun seeing the two of you still taking it so easily together after all these years.

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