Lighting the Tunnel

Closing in on the home stretch of this “epic” journey along Route 66. They tell me that Arizona has the longest continual stretch of existing “66” highway. After today I believe ’em!

We left Flagstaff heading west to Williams, AZ:

A rather small and funky community, Williams is a curios collection of shops, museums, motels, diners and curiosities:

Diners like “Cruisers”:

Motels like the “Star and the Turquoise Tepee”:

Can’t forget this notable hotel called the “Canto” — one has to love the sign:

I hope no one leaves their dentures behind in a glass cup!

Museums like “Pete’s Gas Station”:

And curiosities like these seen in a gift shop:

The Grand Canyon railroad departs from here daily for a two-hour ride to the canyon. Maybe someday?

For now it’s on to Ash Fork — a small burg started as a US Army post that became a railroad town. In the mid-20th Century the rails moved and throughout town died:

We continued on to Seligman where we again found some curious places — shops, motels, museums and diners:

Shops like this general store:

And museums like the “Copper Cart”:

Motels like the Supai:

And lastly diners like “Snow Cap”:

And the very popular “Roadkill Cafe”:

Naturally we chose this place for lunch. We split a Barbecue Doe Sandwich with fries:

Playing with this game (anyone remember it?) kept us busy ’til the food came:

After lunch is headed down Route 66 until we got to Oatman. Getting here forced a choice. Either go into the mountains for a circuitous drive on a number of switchbacks or take a detour to Lake Havasu to see the old London Bridge.

No surprise we chose Lake Havasu.

More on this, as well as, the last leg of our Route 66 journey! We enter Needles, CA and then on to Santa Monica.

Bye for now!


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2 Responses to Lighting the Tunnel

  1. Sue says:

    My old PO pal had a T-shirt she picked up st the store “Roadkill Cafe” with quite a funny menu of animal demises. Wonder if that is where it came from? But she has passed on and so has the shirt. Do not recall BBQ mom of Bambi on it. Venison really? Or beef?
    Quite a nostalgic ride – when variety was still the spice of life on the road.
    Looking forward to seeing Lake Havasu thru the eyes of you two next. Friend in MT winters there.
    Max and I were hoping to do Grand & Bryce Canyons via my bro & his family renting a houseboat there one summer- closest we got-they ended up going elsewhere and so did we. But happy my Mom eventually did-always numero uno on her bucket list. Mine- the full moon hike thru Bryce. Took vacation time during full moon for years but it was never to be.
    But that train ride from Williams to the Grand may be something to look into.
    Needles- I remember going thru there on the train ride home when 13.
    Thanks for this chance to hitch along.

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