Once More at the Canyon

Took a brief detour today off Route 66. It’s been two years since I’d walked into the Grand Canyon — it’s even more beautiful than I recall:

What a gorgeous day — sunny with large clouds floating over the canyon:

We walked nearly five miles along the south rim. These photos speak for themselves:

Later we stopped at Angel Lodge for lunch. The salmon wrap and roast beef sandwich hit the spot.

Afterward, we took a bus to our car and then drove to Flagstaff.

Since it was late in the day wildlife began to appear in the Kaibab Forest as we left the park. We saw a number of mule deer and elk — including this cow and two calves:

This was the perfect end to a perfect day!


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I'm retired. Travel a lot.
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2 Responses to Once More at the Canyon

  1. sue says:

    Breathtaking! You two seem to have had gorgeous weather all along. Envy the five miles worth of views of that beauty.

  2. Karen Peterson says:

    Gorgeous photos. You two are amazing hikers.

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